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Clinical Interventions and Consultations

I can help you decide what services will best fit your family.  There are a variety of options that are available to the family that I will be happy to discuss with you.

What is an Intervention? Intervention uses the power of love and concern to break the denial of addiction and get your loved one into treatment.  Planning and preparation are keys to successful intervention.

Initial Consultation There is no charge for you to call and inquire about these services.  We can discuss your situation to find the best fit, whether it is low-cost, no- cost or professional services.

Structured Family Intervention* Clinical Intervention services are comprehensive and include the following:

  1. Two meetings:  First meeting is a planning session with a few family members.  Second meeting is a rehearsal session with the intervention team (family and friends)
  2. Helping in choosing appropriate treatment
  3. Seven point process for writing intervention letters
  4. Brainstorming for objections and answers to objections
  5. Planning for bottom line consequences
  6. Rehearsal of the intervention team
  7. Coordination with treatment provider
  8. Matching treatment options to family finances
  9. Making travel arrangements
  10. Professional facilitation of the intervention
  11. Overcoming objections and dealing with difficulties
  12. Escorting the patient to treatment


  Hourly Consultations.  You may decide to do the intervention without a professional, but still want support and coaching on the elements of the process.  I provide educational training on intervention and the basic elements.  These can be helpful, especially if there are family members who are resistant to move forward.  These trainings are 2-3 hours and can be set up over the phone or in person.  The cost of these trainings can be deducted from the fee of a structured intervention, if it takes place within 60 days of the consultation.









*structure from Love First









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